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Embedded Technology for Vehicles
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Private company focused on providing technology that make safe and profitable your business, and worried about having products of simple installation and maintenance.


We supply for the bus industry since 1989 with high quality standards.


Certified ISO 9001 since 2007.


Our products last longer and have the smallest fault rate on the market.


Passenger information and fleet management systems.


Warranty, training and after sales services.


Development of customized solutions for specifics needs.


In house development and manufacturing allows us to deliver products quickly.

About FRT

The FRT Electronic Technology was established in 1989 in order to provide vehicular electronics for buses.

The company's focus is to develop products that make safer and more profitable business of our customers.

From design to production, all products are made by FRT Electronic Technology. With expansion project for the global market, currently the FRT supplies its products to the Brazilian market and South America for over 10 years.


Lightdot : Electronic Display Signs

Our Electronic Signs are fast, reliable, practical and easy to handle and install. With the PC software the user can configure all routes that your bus will go and special messages. Then just transfer the data to the controller with an USB flash drive. Choose the route and all bus signs will already be with their scheduled presentations. Not necessary to select what will be shown in each panel. The signs have automatic intensity control adjusting to ambient light, day or night.

APP : Next Stop Announcement System

The App function is to inform passengers with visual and audio message on the bus route and next bus stops.

MPI - Passenger Counter System

The MPI is an electronic system that interprets images and determines when a person passes through it. The system is installed at the entrance and exit of the bus with his camera facing down. When the doors are open the MPI count how many people have come through the door. The MPI indicates how many people went up and came down, and how many are adults or children.



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